Odd topics that come up during revisions….

So my editor and I were debating which Harry Potter house one of my characters would be sorted into, in the margin notes of my latest Half-Moon Hollow book. And it led me to come up with this list:

Jane – Ravenclaw

Gabriel – Gryffindor

Andrea – Hufflepuff

Dick – Slytherin

Zeb – Hufflepuff

Jolene – Gryffindor

Iris – Hufflepuff

Cal – Slytherin

Gigi – Ravenclaw

Jamie – Gryffindor

Ophelia – Would be HEAD GIRL and Prefect of Slytherin

Ben – Hufflepuff

Nik – Slytherin

Nola – Ravenclaw

Jed – Gryffindor

Miranda – Gryffindor

Collin – Ravenclaw

Sam – Gryffindor

Tess – Hufflepuff

Libby – Ravenclaw

Wade – Gryffindor

Finn – Slytherin

PS, I love my editor.

The book fairy has left you a gift in your Amazon account!

Everybody with an Amazon account should check their gift card balance as there was a recent antitrust settlement, which has resulted in payouts for customers. It’s like the book fairy left you a present in your account.
I’m just saying.

What happens when an author/mom finishes a book


It’s 2 am and I’m shaking Darcy awake.

Me: Honey?

Darcy (taking a half-hearted swing at me) Mrgggh.

Me: Honey, you told me I HAD to wake you up when I finished the book, because you wanted to see me do the dance.

Darcy: This had better be good.

A celebratory full-body loss of muscle control ensues.

Darcy: OK, that was worth it, but next time try to finish your book around noon.

Me: Keep this moment in mind the next time you ask for something that will require me to spend my hard-won money.

Darcy: No life lessons before 6 am, Mom.

Me: Love you, babe.

Darcy: Mrrrrgh.

BIG VAMP ON CAMPUS clarification

I think there is some confusion over the storyline in BIG VAMP ON CAMPUS. The plot sets up the next book in the Half-Moon Hollow series, THE ACCIDENTAL SIRE, which focuses on Ben and Meagan’s relationship. So the loose threads WILL be tied up in a full-length novel that will be released soon.