ACCIDENTAL SIRE available in ebook and audio now!

It’s here!

ACCIDENTAL SIRE, the latest title in the Half-Moon Hollow series, is available in ebook and audio.

ACCIDENTAL SIRE features Ben, Gigi’s ex-boyfriend, courting his lady love, Meagan, even after she gets taken down by the most bizarre Ultimate Frisbee accident in history. Meagan and Ben are moved to Half-Moon Hollow to be fostered by Jane Jameson, who is suffering from major empty nest syndrome now that Jamie has moved away to college. They live in River Oaks, work for the Council office and are very, very closely supervised at all times. But as they adjust to their new vampire powers, Ben and Meagan discover that they aren’t “normal” vampires, which is exciting and dangerous all at once. Between office politics, relationship hijinks and scientists that want to turn them into lab projects, Half-Moon Hollow is just as quiet and quaint as ever – which is not at all.

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