ACCIDENTAL SIRE is being released soon!

ACCIDENTAL SIRE will be released in EBOOK & AUDIO ONLY on July 27. In the continuation of BIG VAMP ON CAMPUS, Ben Overby and his new lady love, Meagan, both end up undead after a freak Ultimate Frisbee accident. Assigned to Jane Jameson to foster as fledgling vampires, they’re sent to Half-Moon Hollow to live in River Oaks.
Poor Meagan is also hired on be Jane’s new personal assistant, so she gets the additional joy of dealing with the inner machinations of the Council office. Meanwhile, Ben is assigned to his ex-girlfriend’s genealogy project just down the hall, which is hard on a burgeoning relationship. Meagan’s not quite ready for the big happy dysfunctional family Jane’s offering and reluctant to trust Ben no matter how nice he seems. Can Meagan assimilate into the Half-Moon Hollow collective or will she move on to less “interesting” pastures?
(Amanda Ronconi is recording the audiobook right now!)
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