ACCIDENTAL SIRE available in ebook and audio now!

It’s here!

ACCIDENTAL SIRE, the latest title in the Half-Moon Hollow series, is available in ebook and audio.

ACCIDENTAL SIRE features Ben, Gigi’s ex-boyfriend, courting his lady love, Meagan, even after she gets taken down by the most bizarre Ultimate Frisbee accident in history. Meagan and Ben are moved to Half-Moon Hollow to be fostered by Jane Jameson, who is suffering from major empty nest syndrome now that Jamie has moved away to college. They live in River Oaks, work for the Council office and are very, very closely supervised at all times. But as they adjust to their new vampire powers, Ben and Meagan discover that they aren’t “normal” vampires, which is exciting and dangerous all at once. Between office politics, relationship hijinks and scientists that want to turn them into lab projects, Half-Moon Hollow is just as quiet and quaint as ever – which is not at all.

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The Nola StoryCon Pre-Order Link has arrived!


If you’re attending Nola StoryCon, you can now pre-order books from your favorite participating authors. If you’re not attending Nola StoryCon, but love the authors involved, Murder by the Book will ship signed copies worldwide!

And who wouldn’t love our fabulous author line-up? We’ve got host authors Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong and Jeaniene Frost; special guests Charlaine Harris and Christine Feehan, plus Lara Adrian, Renee Ahdieh, Lou Anders, Lenore Appelhans, Jeanette Battista, Jenna Black, Allison Brennan, Rachel Caine, Kiera Cass, Kristin Cast, PC Cast, Matthew Cody, Bruce Coville, Zoraida Cordova, Delilah Dawson, Alyssa Day, Kimberly Derting, Sonali Dev, Kami Garcia, Molly Harper, Kevin Hearne, Lorraine Heath, Beverly Jenkins, Darynda Jones, Daniel José Older, Leigh Perry, Chelsea Mueller, Aprilynne Pike, Tom Pollock, Kristen Simmons, Kerrelyn Sparks, Emma Trevayne, Rachel Vincent and Jaye Wells.

Nola StoryCon is an author-led reader event held September 15-17, 2017 at the JW Marriot in New Orleans. Participants have the unique opportunity to attend author panels, parties and signings with authors, as well as explore the Crescent City’s culture on walking tours. We would love to see you there!

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ACCIDENTAL SIRE is being released soon!

ACCIDENTAL SIRE will be released in EBOOK & AUDIO ONLY on July 27. In the continuation of BIG VAMP ON CAMPUS, Ben Overby and his new lady love, Meagan, both end up undead after a freak Ultimate Frisbee accident. Assigned to Jane Jameson to foster as fledgling vampires, they’re sent to Half-Moon Hollow to live in River Oaks.
Poor Meagan is also hired on be Jane’s new personal assistant, so she gets the additional joy of dealing with the inner machinations of the Council office. Meanwhile, Ben is assigned to his ex-girlfriend’s genealogy project just down the hall, which is hard on a burgeoning relationship. Meagan’s not quite ready for the big happy dysfunctional family Jane’s offering and reluctant to trust Ben no matter how nice he seems. Can Meagan assimilate into the Half-Moon Hollow collective or will she move on to less “interesting” pastures?
(Amanda Ronconi is recording the audiobook right now!)
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My 2017 RomanticTimes Booklovers Convention Schedule!

If you’re planning to attend the 2017 RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta, here’s my speaking schedule!

A Walk on the Wild Side

Take a walk on the wild side with several New York Times and bestselling authors of shifter romance. Things could get hairy as you’re treated to giggle-tastic party games while sipping delicious drinks and licking yummy treats. We have special prizes for our game winners plus tote bags filled with swag for the first 200 guests.

Thursday, May 4, 2017 10am – 11am
Location: LL1/Ballroom Level
Room: Regency VI

Tropes are a staple of genre literature. Unfortunately they imply a lot of wordy clutter. They bring to mind clichés and lazy writing. But tropes are tools and like any tool, used well, they can help craft a great story. We’ll review genre tropes, discuss why they’re necessary, when they can become crutches, and how to leverage them to bring a fresh voice to your narrative. With Lucienne Diver (The Knight Agency, Literary Agent)Molly Harper, Diana Rowland and Jeanne Stein (AKA: S. J. Harper)

Friday, May 5, 2017 11:15am – 12:15pm
Location: LL3/Conference/Industry Level
Room: Kennesaw

Do you ‘ship when watching Star Wars? Then you need to come to this fun, interactive, reader event. Your favorite authors — urban fantasy, steampunk and contemporary romance — are ready to show their geeky sides. Team up with your friends and our authors to answer questions about pop culture and romance books, and win great prizes. Wine will be provided! With Amanda Bonilla (AKA: Kate BaxterJennifer Estes, Megan FramptonMolly HarperChelsea MuellerChloe Neil, and Aprilynne Pike

Friday, May 5, 2017 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Location: LL2/Exhibit/Reader Level
Room: Hanover D-E

Bringing Out the Animal in Bed in Paranormal Romance. Are you writing the next great shifter romance, but aren’t quite sure how to bring out the animal in bed? Or maybe you’re a reader wondering how your favorite New York Times bestselling authors unleash the beast? Either way, this panel is for you! Come take a walk on the wild side with us as we dish on wolves, tigers, and bears, oh my! With Janet Juengling SnellMolly HarperEve Langlais, Robyn Peterman, Paige Tyler

Friday, May 5, 2017 2:45pm – 3:45pm
Location: LL3/Conference/Industry Level
Room: Inman


I’m very pleased to announce that WHERE THE WILD THINGS BITE is a RITA Finalist in the Paranormal Romance category!

Wild - 7

WHERE THE WILD THINGS BITE: Delivering a rare book to a valued customer is definitely part of mild-mannered archivist Anna Winthrop’s job description. You know what isn’t? Protecting her precious cargo from mid-flight theft by the very pilot who is flying her to Half-Moon Hollow…while trying to appear as unappetizing as possible to the only other passenger, a vampire. Undead bookstore owner Jane Jameson could be waiting a very long time for her book. Possibly forever.

Fortunately, Anna’s dashing fanged companion Finn Palmeroy helps her fend off the attack, but not before their plane crash lands in the forest hundreds of miles from civilization. Great, now she’s stranded with a priceless tome and a rakish vampire whose bedtime is fast approaching. Why does everyone want this book so badly, anyway? Anna just wants to get it to Jane before Finn decides to turn her into dinner—or sweep her off her feet. Okay, the second option is really temptingBut they’re not out of the woods yet…

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SWEET TEA AND SYMPATHY gets a makeover

So SWEET TEA AND SYMPATHY has had a bit of makeover. It’s got a new cover and it’s now being released in trade paperback, ebook and audio in November 2017. (Yes, Amanda Ronconi will be narrating.)

SUMMARY: Molly Harper launches a brand-new contemporary romance series, Southern Eclectic, with this story of a big-city party planner who finds true love in a small Georgia town.

Nestled on the shore of Lake Sackett, Georgia is the McCready Family Funeral Home and Bait Shop. (What, you have a problem with one-stop shopping?) Two McCready brothers started two separate businesses in the same building back in 1928, and now it’s become one big family affair. And true to form in small Southern towns, family business becomes everybody’s business.

Margot Cary has spent her life immersed in everything Lake Sackett is not. As an elite event planner, Margot’s rubbed elbows with the cream of Chicago society, and made elegance and glamour her business. She’s riding high until one event goes tragically, spectacularly wrong. Now she’s blackballed by the gala set and in dire need of a fresh start—and apparently the McCreadys are in need of an event planner with a tarnished reputation.

As Margot finds her footing in a town where everybody knows not only your name, but what you had for dinner last Saturday night and what you’ll wear to church on Sunday morning, she grudgingly has to admit that there are some things Lake Sackett does better than Chicago—including the dating prospects. Elementary school principal Kyle Archer is a fellow fish-out-of-water who volunteers to show Margot the picture-postcard side of Southern living. The two of them hit it off, but not everybody is happy to see an outsider snapping up one of the town’s most eligible gentleman. Will Margot reel in her handsome fish, or will she have to release her latest catch?








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