Odd topics that come up during revisions….

So my editor and I were debating which Harry Potter house one of my characters would be sorted into, in the margin notes of my latest Half-Moon Hollow book. And it led me to come up with this list:

Jane – Ravenclaw

Gabriel – Gryffindor

Andrea – Hufflepuff

Dick – Slytherin

Zeb – Hufflepuff

Jolene – Gryffindor

Iris – Hufflepuff

Cal – Slytherin

Gigi – Ravenclaw

Jamie – Gryffindor

Ophelia – Would be HEAD GIRL and Prefect of Slytherin

Ben – Hufflepuff

Nik – Slytherin

Nola – Ravenclaw

Jed – Gryffindor

Miranda – Gryffindor

Collin – Ravenclaw

Sam – Gryffindor

Tess – Hufflepuff

Libby – Ravenclaw

Wade – Gryffindor

Finn – Slytherin

PS, I love my editor.

The book fairy has left you a gift in your Amazon account!

Everybody with an Amazon account should check their gift card balance as there was a recent antitrust settlement, which has resulted in payouts for customers. It’s like the book fairy left you a present in your account.
I’m just saying.

What happens when an author/mom finishes a book


It’s 2 am and I’m shaking Darcy awake.

Me: Honey?

Darcy (taking a half-hearted swing at me) Mrgggh.

Me: Honey, you told me I HAD to wake you up when I finished the book, because you wanted to see me do the dance.

Darcy: This had better be good.

A celebratory full-body loss of muscle control ensues.

Darcy: OK, that was worth it, but next time try to finish your book around noon.

Me: Keep this moment in mind the next time you ask for something that will require me to spend my hard-won money.

Darcy: No life lessons before 6 am, Mom.

Me: Love you, babe.

Darcy: Mrrrrgh.

BIG VAMP ON CAMPUS clarification

I think there is some confusion over the storyline in BIG VAMP ON CAMPUS. The plot sets up the next book in the Half-Moon Hollow series, THE ACCIDENTAL SIRE, which focuses on Ben and Meagan’s relationship. So the loose threads WILL be tied up in a full-length novel that will be released soon.


Big Vamp on Campus

Readers have been asking for years when Ophelia was going to get her own story. In the newest Half Moon Hollow novella, the teen vampire princess must learn how to navigate life as a college student – including living with her messy, annoying, frustrating new roommate.

Ophelia Lambert, 400-year-old vampire princess and college freshman, suddenly finds herself domesticated by humans and forced to suffer the indignities of dorm rooms, communal bathrooms, and a roommate with sticky fingers.

As one of the hundreds of undead venturing into postsecondary education, Ophelia has a lot more to learn than just “undead studies” – she has to learn to get along with her fellow vampire classmates and, worst of all, her human ones, along with getting back into the good graces of the World Council for the Equal Treatment of the Undead.

Can this once all-powerful vampire princess balance classes and campus life with romance, human and vampire relations, and not sinking her teeth into her annoying roommate?

BIG VAMP ON CAMPUS is available in ebook and audio NOW!

Amazon http://goo.gl/foUz8K

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